At a time we’re feeling the repercussions of the global environmental crisis more than ever before, OUR COMMON HOME fuses art and interaction technology to send a message about the urgency of climate action.

Over a four-chapter journey, this large-scale public art exhibition uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to precisely track the movement and behaviour of people engaging with large interactive displays. Whether tracking their faces, their bodies, their hands, or the flashlights of their mobile phones, the overarching metaphor is one: our individual decisions have a global impact.

Winner of Prix NUMIX In situ - Installation Experientielle 2022


Iregular is a Montreal-based new media art studio that creates audiovisual installations, large-scale sculptures and architectural projections, with a focus on interactive and immersive experiences.

At the crossroads between art and technology, the studio works with the infinite and random combinations produced by interactive systems that the audience ultimately influences and transforms. Find out more:


Created By Iregular

Creative Director: Daniel Iregui
: Marilyne Lacombe
Technical Director
: Louis-Philippe Kyer

Art Director
: Célia Genevois
Generative Graphics
: Guillaume Turgeon, Victor Ivanov, Hugo St-Onge and Simon Demeule
Research and Design: Alice Sanz
Sound Designer
: Mourad Bennacer
Industrial Designer
: Sebastien Dallaire and Jakob Lorenz
: Mariam Assaf

Lead Software Developers
: Hugo St-Onge and Guillaume Turgeon
Computer Vision
: Louis Bouchard and Bilal Khomri
Web Development: Nicolas Prud'homme

Executive Producer
: Eloi Beauchamp
: Olivier Gagnon